Classic Car Custom Wheels & Tires in Tempe, AZ

Camaro wheelsWhen it comes to customizing your vehicle’s look, feel and appeal, wheels and tires are a great starting point. Custom wheels and tires give off a bold appearance that can accentuate your car’s natural style. From larger rims and high-performance treads, to classic hubcaps and whitewall tires, Desert Vintage Restoration strives to help you outfit your vehicle with the right combination of wheels and tires.

Custom Wheels

There are tons of choices you can and should consider when it comes to choosing custom wheels in Tempe, North Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Paradise Valley, AZ for your vehicle. We’re able to outfit your car with all different types and styles of wheels, to help you make the statement you want to: from classic authenticity to modern high-performance. Custom wheel options include:

Rest assured, we’ll help you navigate your options so you make a choice that looks great on your car and performs as you need it to.

corvette on lift


While wheels make for the perfect aesthetic, what’s more important are the types of tires in Tempe, AZ you’re putting on your vehicle. Tires not only add to the appeal of your car, but also improve things like handling, traction and overall performance. To get the best out of your classic car, make sure you’re making the right investment in quality tires. Options include:

  • All-Season
  • Touring
  • Performance
  • Summer
  • Track and racing
  • Whitewall

From treads that’ll give you an edge on the track, to classic whitewalls that are totally authentic to the time period, we’ve got the tires you need to complete your car’s image.

civic with no rear bumper side

Get Tire Services

Ready to outfit your classic car or vintage vehicle with the perfect tires and custom wheels? Talk with the experts at Desert Vintage Restoration about your options and which ones might be right for your auto. We’ll make sure you’re getting best-in-class products that result in maximum benefit for you and your car, whether it’s with wheels, paint correction, auto restoration, or any of our other services.

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